Textile Production Operations Technical Solutions

Cone Mills Corporation, “Design and Implementation of a Recycled Production Waste System”, Henrietta, NC, 1975 J.P. Stevens and Company, Inc., Engineered Job Assignments and Duties Specifications for: Great Falls Plant, Great Falls, SC Ragan Plant, […]

Polymer and Textile Based Analyses and Patents

Thomas, G.A., Sivulka, A., Riggs, L.S., Elton, D.J., US Patent No. 8,009,120 “Reinforcement Fabrics with Electronic Transmission Capabilities”, August, 2011 G.A. Thomas and A. R. McClain, “Optimization of Preparation Procedures for Manufacture of Vascular Implant […]

Protective Materials Programs

US Army AATD RAH-66 Comanche Program, “Armor Protection Against Small Arms and Heavy Machine Guns”, 1998-1999 Plainsman Armor, Inc., “Lightweight, Flexible, Snake Bite Protection for Pants, Boots, and Jackets”, 1999 – 2001 US Army Picatinny […]